Into The Fray


Friday 1:00 am. to 3:00 am. EST.


Into The Fray features excellent guest speakers with first-hand experiences that will truly shake the foundations we have built our knowledge on to this day.  We discuss many subjects, including Cryptozoology, UFOlogy, all manners of the paranormal, and true crime.

Some guests have life-changing experiences with the strange and unexplained, shared exclusively on iTF.

Hear from first-hand witnesses of the weird, the unusual, and sometimes terrifying.

With our broad range of topics and guests, you won’t want to miss an episode.

Host Bio:

Shannon Legro

Shannon LeGro is a lifelong seeker and researcher of our world’s anomalies. Asking essential questions on oft-only about whispered subjects comes naturally, which has led to the inception of iNTO THE FRAY. All aspects of the paranormal, cryptids, UFOs, and unclassified high-strangeness are essential to her as fields of study.

Shannon LeGro has exploded on the scene. Her ability to get information from some of the countries leading experts in the unknown has made her a known name in the alternative news world. Now hosting her show, the sky is the limit.

Some exciting things are coming, Radio, Digital Media, tv and who knows what else!

Shannon has been interested in the paranormal since she was a teen after seeing something genuinely anomalous. And, although it’s not what her encounter entailed, one of her passions is the subject of Sasquatch. Her weekly show, iNTO THE FRAY, has Shannon speaking to witnesses of cryptids, UFOs, and various paranormal aspects. She has co-authored books on both Bigfoot and the Paranormal and founded Beyond the Fray Publishing with best-selling author G. Michael Hopf. You can also see Shannon as the host for the Small Town Monsters production, On the Trail of UFOs on Amazon Prime.