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Welcome to Spirit Talk Live! with Psychic Medium Scott Allan. Each week, Scott offers a special hour of heartfelt messages and exciting guests.

Join us as we explore the mystery of mediumship and enjoy enlightening conversations with renowned spiritual practitioners. Scott lends a unique blend of wisdom, inspiration, and connection to each episode.

You, the listener, are an integral part of the show! You can reach Scott through social media channels and our dedicated call-in number seeking guidance, clarity, or simply a word from the spirit world. Scott Allan and his guest mediums then channel these messages, offering profound insights and comfort to those who seek them.

Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning to explore the mysteries of the universe, “Spirit Talk Live!” welcomes you with open arms. Tune in, open your heart, and let the whispers of the unseen guide you on your journey.

Host Bio:

Scott Allan

Bill Allan - The Paranormal Project ShowAt the tender age of sixteen, Scott embarked on a lifelong pursuit to guide others through the most challenging time of their life – the loss of a loved one. A former funeral director and embalmer, his opening to mediumship was as surprising as it was unsettling. A skeptic by nature, Scott denied his abilities. Eventually, he accepted that his mediumistic unfoldment was, in fact, the genesis of a deep relationship with spirit.

Following a chance meeting with actress Forbes Riley, Scott was offered the opportunity to read for her on the air. Within days, he began reading for others around the world.

He quickly took the next step by demonstrating his ability in front of sold-out audiences. His popularity continues to grow as he showcases his abilities In gallery events at home and across the pond. Most recently Scott shared a demonstration at the haunted Airth Castle in Airth, Scotland, and he is booked with events up and down the eastern United States. He hosted the former Paranormal Project Radio show and hosts Spirit Talk Live! With Scott Allan through Pulse Talk Radio in the United Kingdom and KGRA Digital Broadcasting in the United States. He has appeared on numerous podcasts, including The Forbes Factor, The Grave Talks, Psychic on the Scene, and A World Awakening with Andrea Perron, and is the featured guest medium on several episodes of Dark Echoes Paranormal on Amazon Prime Video.

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