Strange Oddities


Saturday 2:00 am. to 3:30 am. EST.


Veteran Paranormalist and Experienced Podcaster Matthew J Haas is producing a talk podcast that delivers a wide variety of topics from The Unexplained, Mysteries, Paranormal, Supernatural, UFO’s, Cryptozoology, Conspiracy Theories and more!

The Strange Oddities Podcast will also feature exciting & entertaining guests from time to time!

Host Bio:

Matthew J. Haas

Matthew J Haas is a veteran Paranormal Investigator. He’s been investigating the Paranormal for almost 25 years.  Aside from enjoying the Paranormal, Matt has been podcasting seriously for nearly ten years. He’s been featured on a few Paranormal themed TV shows such as Paranormal Nightshift and Paranormal Survivor, and both aired on the Travel Channel Network. Matt has interviewed some of the biggest iconic TV names & prominent figures both in and outside of the Paranormal field from Globally Acclaimed Archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, American Ripper & Author of Bloodstains Jeff Mudgett, Psychic Medium TV personality Chip Coffey, Nuclear Physicist Stan Friedman,

Captain Sig Hansen of Discovery Channel’s number one TV series Deadliest Catch, Animal Biologist Adam Thorn from the new History Channel series King’s of Pain. The Strange Oddities Podcast is a “Think Outside the Box.” The show covers a wide variety of topics from the Paranormal, Mysteries, Conspiracy Theories, UFOs, Cryptozoology, Secret Societies, Government Cover-Ups, and other interesting subjects!  You just never know who might appear on the podcast! It’s your podcast for strange things!