Into The Portal - Jessica Jones

Into The Portal

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Jessica Jones is a remote viewer and paranormal investigator with over a decade of dedicated field research, including Bigfoot, UFO, inter-dimensional, ghosts, portals, and alien contact.  Through her own experiences, she’s able to connect the dots between them all.  Join her as she explores the world of cryptids – from everyday people who have experienced cryptid sightings to top-notch researchers in the field.  Each encounter raises the consciousness of the planet, one Bigfoot sighting at a time.

Into The Portal - Jessica Jones

Host Bio:

Jessica Jones

Jessica Jones is an active paranormal field researcher and remote viewer based in northwest Georgia.  She is a member of Enigma Research Group (ERG), Anomalous Studies and Observation Group (ASOG), and North Georgia Cryptid Researchers (NGCR).  All are action-oriented research groups that conduct field research associated with all things paranormal, particularly Bigfoot.  These groups have obtained ground-breaking evidence at several paranormal hot-spot hubs in the southeastern United States, comparable to the infamous Skinwalker Ranch.

She began training in remote viewing in 2009.  She and her ERG research team were all trained in coordinating remote viewing and other methods of remote viewing.  This sets her team apart from most field research teams.  In addition to isolated viewing phenomena in the research field, Jessica assists in missing persons/cold cases.  She recently worked with the Crime Stories with Nancy Grace team to solve a missing person’s case in Georgia.

Jessica is certified in Interdimensional Reiki energy healing and comes from a long lineage of healers and experiencers.  She is an intuitive tarot and oracle card reader who seeks to empower and guide others through her own experiences.  She is not afraid to step out of her comfort zone and is the first in her family to showcase her enhanced human abilities to the world. She is open to sharing her experiences with anyone available to unlock the mysteries of the universe.  She was recently a featured speaker at Camp Disclosure and a guest speaker on various podcasts and radio shows.  Jessica attended Georgia Southern University and earned her degree in English Literature from Georgia State University.  She worked as the Executive Director of the Georgia Commission on Women, a state agency, as an advocate for women and children for nearly twenty years.  Jessica became a stay-at-home mom in 2014, started her small business, War Woman Goods.  She lives in Hiram, Georgia, with her son Ben, where you can find them outdoors in nature, every chance they get.

Into The Portal - Jessica Jones

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