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Deb & Arjay are multidimensional beings hosting topics from mystical, spiritual, paranormal, UFO’S, and topics from outer realms of existence.  Deb is a Spiritual Medium, and Arjay is a Numerologist, so from time to time, they offer readings. Interaction is more than welcome.

Mystical Awakenings

Host Bio:

Deb & Arjay DeRousse

Deb and Arjay DeRousse are authors, Reiki Master/Teachers, Readers, public speakers, UFO, and paranormal researchers.  They have been in the metaphysical and paranormal fields for over thirty years.  Deb & Arjay own and manage Mystical Awakenings metaphysical store in Michigan, where they do readings, healings, teach workshops, hold meditation groups, and provide a safe and loving community for those working on their paths or seeking paranormal assistance.  They are also founders and facilitators of the Michigan UFO Contact convention in Houghton Lake Michigan, every September.  They have both experienced “contact,” which led them to become dedicated to research in the field of Ufology, as well as to putting on the event and assisting other experiencers.

Deb and Arjay are passionate about assisting in raising the vibrations for all beings, awakening minds to possibilities beyond the third-dimensional imagination, and heightening the awareness of the collective consciousness that every living being across the universe is a part of and has access to.

They strive to be the voice of the voiceless for truth and higher love for all.

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