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Have you always been curious about the unknown? The unexplainable? Are you intrigued by the mysterious and paranormal side of our world? Then “Let’s Find Out” with Co-host Diego is the podcast for you.

Join in on an adventure into the world of the inexplicable and get insights from experienced researchers, investigators, and experts. Listen to mind-bending discussions and fascinating stories as Let’s Find Out explores the strange, mysterious, and paranormal.

“Let’s Find Out with Co-Host Diego” is a unique and engaging podcast that uncovers the mysteries of the cryptic and unknown. With insightful interviews and discussions, they discover the latest theories, discoveries, and investigations that may someday give us the final answer to what may be behind the veil of reality.

Host Bio:

Show Host Diego Raf

Diego Raf

Let's Find Out with Diego - KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Diego RafIn 1993, my new life began as a sports entertainer; I honed my skills in the ring, captivating audiences with my performances. Later on, after retiring from in-ring action, I transitioned my skills to perform as a talent agent, booker, and coach and then as a promoter with a former business partner. In 2020, we launched a podcast that covered sports entertainment and touched on the paranormal side.  After this close to 30-year business relationship, a new path began.

The transition into the paranormal unfolded organically, with otherworldly experiences shaping my perspective from the tender age of 3 and persisting throughout my entire life.

Late in 2022, I boldly launched my own brand, Let’s Find Out, with Co-Host Diego.  This venture isn’t just a podcast; it’s a quest to find answers to the profound mysteries of the universe and a deep dive into the haunting activities woven through the fabric of my existence. With otherworldly experiences shaping my perspective from the early age of 3 and persisting throughout my life, Let’s Find Out with Co-Host Diego was predetermined by the universe to have a voice.

The diverse chapters of my life converge in this latest endeavor, where the physicality of wrestling meets the metaphysical curiosity that has fueled my journey. Co-Host Diego is not just a brand; it’s a culmination of experiences, a platform for exploration, and an ongoing quest for understanding the profound and the mysterious.

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