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War Party Paranormal Radio hosted by a team leader Eric Vanderlaan and cohost/paranormal investigator Mike Del Coro of the War Party Paranormal Research.

War Party Paranormal is a team of advanced technical investigators in paranormal research-based in South Florida. We are innovative in the research and development of our equipment and using the latest technology available in the field. In addition, we help people who have problems with the paranormal in their homes or businesses. We are a team that puts our clients first and stays with them until their issues are resolved.

Tune in as Team Leader/Host Eric Vanderlaan will be airing a live paranormal investigation from the previous weekend with his team member. Viewers can watch live. He will show the evidence captured on the show with a round table discussion with team members.

Each show can vary. We will be investigating 2 locations in one night to discuss which site is the most haunted—showing the evidence and including a round table discussion with the investigators who conducted the investigation.

Eric will be bringing in guest paranormal investigators from all over the U.S. to discuss their local haunted locations with evidence.

Other shows we will be conducting a live paranormal workshop on the latest paranormal equipment and how to conduct an investigation properly.

Stay tuned for some excitement and learning about all things paranormal from experts in the field! It will be like no other paranormal show ever seen!!

War Party Paranormal

Show Background:

War Party Paranormal research is a team of advanced technical investigators in paranormal research-based in South Florida. We are innovative in the research and development of our equipment and using the latest technology available in the field. In addition, we are a team that puts our clients first and stays with them until their issues are resolved.

War Party Paranormal research does all locations – residential, commercial and we also can be found at conventions and events. We are dedicated researchers that do not charge our clients for help. Our team comprises various experts with extensive knowledge in a diverse range of areas in the paranormal field.

We are a team of individuals, and we bring our collective experience and expertise so our clients don’t live in fear. Our team is experts in the unknown with over a hundred collective years of experience. In addition, each team member brings extensive knowledge in various and unique areas within the paranormal. Our team includes technical experts, theologians, spiritual intuitive, scientific researchers, and historians.

Eric Vanderlaan –

Team Leader

Eric Vanderlaan was born in Oahu, Hawaii, and has lived in South Florida since eight years old. Eric has been investigating the paranormal for the past 13 years. He has always been interested in the paranormal and South Florida history. It started on a ghost tour when he caught odd anomalies he could not explain.

He continued to investigate on his own until he joined a paranormal team six years ago. During his six years, Eric has learned from some of the best paranormal investigators in the business. In addition, he has experience in finding haunted locations and helping operate ghost hunting events.

​Eric also has media experience. He has made appearances on television shows for Telemundo, Univision, and America TeVe. His specialty is working with the technological aspect and using equipment to scientifically verify the anomalies present either on video or audio during an investigation.

​Eric helped create the War Party Paranormal South Team covering the Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area. With the help of his team members, the team has regularly appeared on the Latin T.V. network Univision’s show Primer Impacto. Additionally, it has several ghost hunting events in the south Florida area.

Eric Vanderlaan - War Party Paranormal

Capt. Michael Del Coro –

CoHost/Paranormal Investigator

Capt. Michael Del Coro is a Florida native that has always been fascinated by historic locations, the mysterious and paranormal. Spending many years traveling the globe as a fishing crew, he is no stranger to the outdoors and photography. With his extensive background in the electronics industry, investigating the paranormal using technology came easy. Armed with a skeptical point of view and an open mind, he has become a great asset to our team as an investigator.

Capt. Michael Del Coro - War Party Paranormal

Maria “Scottie” Burns –


I grew up in a 200-year-old house in Central Pennsylvania with a lot of paranormal activity. I didn’t understand until I had friends over that it wasn’t normal. I saw my first paranormal team in 1968 when they came from Harrisburg to investigate our home; that is when I realized that people were using scientific methods to figure out what was happening.

​I started reading everything I could get my hands on about the paranormal, and then I started experimenting with the tools available to me in the ’70s. I helped out a few families and decided that this was something I wanted to do until I figured it out. Some forty-odd years later, I am still trying.

I also had a brother that was four years older than me, and he was constantly trying to scare me, so I had to become pretty good at debunking.

​I was accepted to Duke University for the Parapsychology program in the Rhine Center in 1978 but had to decline because my father had passed and I was needed closer to home. So I spent the next few decades trying to make a living and investigating when I could.

​I moved to Florida in 1997 and to West Palm Beach in 2001. I did investigations when I could until I found Florida Ghost Team in 2006 and joined them. I was with them, investigating almost every weekend until they disbanded. After that, I was with another team until I teamed up with John from War Party Paranormal.

What a long strange trip it’s been; looking forward to another 40 years.

Marla "Scottie" Burns - War Party Paranormal

Joe Torino

Paranormal Investigator

My first paranormal experience occurred in my childhood home around the age of 6 and continued throughout my life and in multiple dwellings. I lived in fear for many years because I did not understand what was happening and could not get the answers I needed.

Despite these experiences, I have been fascinated with the paranormal, supernatural, and unexplained from an early age and would read anything I could find on the subject. Of course, I also grew up watching television shows like Sightings, Unsolved Mysteries, and The Outer Limits. Still, it wasn’t until I saw the show Ghost Hunters that I realized that people out there with similar experiences got together to find the answers to many of the same questions that I had.

My first paranormal investigation was back in 2009 at Deering Estate in Cutler Bay that a local group was hosting, and I was instantly hooked! Soon after, my brothers and I started investigating anywhere we could, from my mother’s house to allegedly haunted locations that we would research before family trips.

I continued to investigate on my own from time to time until I found War Party Paranormal in October 2020. Joining War Party Paranormal has allowed me to meet and learn from like-minded individuals who share similar experiences. It has also allowed me to develop my skills as an investigator, not only to satisfy my own curiosity and fascination with the field, but more importantly, to help others who are going through the same experiences that I had while growing up.

Joe Torino - War Party Paranormal

Francesca Garcia

Paranormal Investigator

Francesca Garcia, known as Supernatural Eye, was born in Wichita, KS, and raised/resides in Naples, FL. She is half Cuban and Colombian, making her bilingual and helpful for investigations. Francesca has a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Interdisciplinary Studies. She has been a paranormal investigator for roughly nine years and one of the newest members of War Party Paranormal.

Francesca’s had a   fearful encounter was when she was 12 years old and was experiencing a recurring nightmare that eventually led to sleep paralysis and night terrors. She thought if she was going crazy and wondered if something wrong was with her. She also wondered why she is sensitive to the other side? As the years went by, Francesca went to college and majored in Psychology to see if she could scientifically explain what was going on with her.

After college, Francesca has investigated a dozen of places. More notably, Alcatraz, The Winchester House, and many others. As the years went by, Francesca finally dared to publicize her years of work and create her own YouTube Channel known as Supernatural Eye. So when War Party Paranormal discovered her, the rest is history in the making.

Francesca has been seen on Univision and traveled to Lake Tahoe to join Para-Experience Para-con and investigate the haunted Biltmore Hotel. In addition, her journey with War Party led her to investigate several haunted locations all over Florida.

She is looking forward to helping the living and the dead with War Party Paranormal.

Francesca Garcia - War Party Paranormal

Ernesto Paez

Paranormal Investigator

Ernesto Paez has been interested in the paranormal field since his mother informed him that his deceased grandmother visited him late one night, just a few days after his birth.

As a recording/performing musician, Ernesto took a specific interest in the audio aspects of the supernatural. Having toured the United States and performed in historical venues, his desire to learn more about particular locations past continuously grew.

Ernesto incorporates audio software and engineering knowledge into his paranormal endeavors by analyzing EVPs and any audio anomalies within the paranormal realm.

Ernesto Paez - War Party Paranormal

Jennifer Carney

Paranormal Investigator

Jennifer’s paranormal experiences started around the age of 6. Seeing and hearing things unexplained at this age has prepared her for different experiences she would encounter throughout her life. These diverse experiences increased her interest in always learning more about the paranormal, wanting to know more about what happens when one crosses over, and learning about others’ experiences with the paranormal. Jennifer has always had a higher sense of intuition and is more sensitive to encounters, and she feels this has been a great tool now that she is in the paranormal field.

Jennifer Carney - War Party Paranormal

Armando Gonzalez

Paranormal Investigator

Armando Gonzalez was born and raised in Miami, FL. He was curious about the paranormal, precisely after experiencing unexplained activities at Armando’s and his wife’s residence. It wasn’t until he investigated the Deering Estate with Tim Arnwine that he became excited to learn more about how to interact with spirits. Armando and his wife have joined War Party Paranormal to continue developing as Paranormal Investigators.

Armando Gonzalez - War Party Paranormal

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