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This broadcast is intended to illuminate the human condition, enlightening its willing participants by expanding their perspectives. Regarding the spiritual ascension process, it introduces transcendental topics of discussion that will simultaneously stimulate and soothe the psyche of those who are coming to a new awareness of our old reality. Like its sister broadcast, A World Awakening, Soul School Sojourn explores the concept of spiritual evolution as essential to the human race as we transition to a higher level of consciousness and, ultimately, a realization of oneness. It is meant to reflect, project, and disperse the light to generate a higher vibration, empowering others by elevating love over fear. This hour is designed specifically to provide healing energy for those who seek a path to peace. Together, Jeff Turner and Andrea Perron will guide you to a more tranquil place in mind, enhancing your comprehension of who we are and why we are here in Soul School, a sometimes oppressive and challenging existence where the test always precedes the lesson. The message is a simple one arriving as a cosmic cheat sheet: love is the answer to every question.

Soul School Sojourn -

Host Bios:

Andrea Perron

Andrea Perron is the author of “House of Darkness House of Light,” a supernatural trilogy that is the true story behind the 2013 feature film “The Conjuring.” She has also co-authored the historically-based mystery/thriller “In a Flicker” with George R. Lopez. In her frequent travels, she lectures about spirituality, metaphysics, and all phenomena considered paranormal, concentrating her research in Ufology, a lifelong fascination. It is her passion, bearing new fruit in recent years. Her latest release is entitled “A Wonder to Behold: Guideposts for Intergalactic Engagement with Humanity.”

As an outspoken human rights and environmental advocate and animal rights activist, all she does, she does with love, always the best of intentions. It is her fervent desire to spread her positive message to as many as possible, hoping it will resonate with like-minded mortals as she relentlessly strives to dispel fear, bring peace to a troubled planet, and do her part to help heal the world of its woes.

Jeff Turner

Jeff Turner is a former pastor turned self-proclaimed “atheistic theist” whose mission is to convince a suspicious humanity that they are good, beloved, and embraced by the Divine. As an active speaker, minister, and author, he aims to help people find a sacred solidity in a deconstructed world. He is the author of two books, a sought-after speaker, but, more importantly, a husband and father of three amazing children.

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