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Dreamland was founded by Art and Ramona Bell in the 1990s. In 1998 Whitley Strieber became host of the show and has been hosting it weekly ever since. Dreamland covers all topics at the edge of science and reality, ranging from UFO stories to explorations of ancient mysteries to the supernatural and paranormal and beyond. The show’s archive, dating back to 2003, is available on Whitley’s website, Unknowncountry.com.

Host Bio:

Whitley Strieber

Whitley Strieber is the author of Communion and many other books on the alien abduction issue. His most recent book is A New World, published in 2019. He is also the author of many other works of fiction and nonfiction, ranging from the Wolfen and the Hunger to Super-storm, the Afterlife Revolution with his wife, and most recently Jesus: A New Vision, Which contains powerful new insights into the life of Jesus, the resurrection, and what he means for us now…