Disclosure - A Dangle Just Out of Reach by Don Ecker

Disclosure – A Dangle Just Out of Reach

by Don Ecker

1947 was an incredible year for many reasons. Just weeks after the July 4 crash, a number of earth-shattering events happened. The United States Army Air Corps became the United States Air Force. The Central Intelligence Agency was created, and perhaps the most ominous of all, the National Security Act was enacted. In effect, the American Republic was replaced, in the worst-case scenario, with a police state. Today, in the second decade of the 21st Century, that police state has become very apparent.

Let’s take a moment to examine the National Security Act and what it means.

At the height of the Second World War, U.S. officials greatly feared that the Nazi German state was attempting to develop and build a bomb using a nuclear core that would release an unknown amount of energy. In other words, the very energy that fires our star, the sun, would be released by exploding such a nuclear weapon. At that time, the Nazis harbored a bitter hatred for Jews and others they viewed as sub-human, arresting, imprisoning, and murdering every Jew and other sub-human they could lay their hands on. As a result, the Jewish intelligentsia sought every means to escape Germany before it was too late. People like Albert Einstein fled to the United States, and it was well he did; Einstein was the final cap on the bottle that convinced President Roosevelt to begin the Manhattan Project, which ended up winning the war for us and saving millions of humans, both allied soldiers and Japanese civilians.

Even at the height of the most destructive war in all of human history and the most secret military project ever, we did not have or create a decisive federal hedge against exposure such as the National Security Act. What changed? Under the auspices of the National Security Act, almost anything the controllers feel protects national security can be legally authorized and carried out. If it is determined an imminent threat to U.S. national security is at stake, even premeditated murder is legal. One might think this is draconian in the extreme, but the longstanding UFO problem qualifies as potentially that sensitive. If Roswell was the site of a crash of one, and others may intrude on U.S. air space, how far will the military/intelligence/industrial forces go?

What are these unidentified phenomena? Where do UFOs (now designated UAPS—unidentified aerial phenomena) come from, and most importantly, what do they want?

From our earliest written history, witnesses have been reporting sightings and even contact with the occupants of these mysterious machines. Yes, machines. Today’s military pilots report that these craft travel at almost impossible speeds and demonstrate impossible maneuvers and technology that almost appear magical within our understanding of avionics and physics. During the Nimitz encounters, radar operators reported that the objects dropped from an excess of 80 thousand feet to almost water level in only a second or so, a truly breathtaking maneuver. They out-flew our Naval F-18 Super Hornets with extreme ease, demonstrating that if hostilities broke out, we would be outclassed by this purported UFO technology.

So, what is going on? The most potent human military technology (it is believed) currently available is human nuclear weapons. But even that is questionable, even if nuclear weapons are capable of being a deterrent. The UFO enigma has proved to be able to penetrate nuclear bases with impunity and manipulate the weapons to the point that they are unusable. This shocking revelation was disclosed in the excellent book by researchers and authors Barry Greenwood and Larry Fawcett. (CLEAR INTENT: The Government Coverup, First published January 1984)

As it turns out, the United States is not the only nation to suffer UFO incursions into nuclear weapons sites. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, television journalist and UFO researcher George Knapp traveled to the former Soviet Union, where he interviewed former and current Russian military personnel. Knapp reported the story of a UFO incursion over a former Soviet nuclear battery, where the unknown object activated a nuclear missile control panel and began a countdown. With only seconds to go, the UFO then apparently stopped the countdown and flew off. This was apparently a pure demonstration that if they chose to, they had complete control of the most powerful and delicate systems available to humanity at that time. Was this a warning to humanity at large? “Beware humans, we are in charge.”


For all the hopeful ufologists waiting and hoping for UFO disclosure, what if I told you the real, somewhat open secret of the UFO conundrum is actually the fact that UFOs are surrounded by a CORE STORY, which is protected by a Special Access Program binder? An SAP designation means that unless you have a “need to know”– you never will. A perfect example of this follows:

(The following information comes from Gary S. Bekkum’s excellent primer on Spy Games: “SPIES, LIES, AND POLY GRAPH TAPE, Knowing the Future: The UFO Spy Games” Gary S. Bekkum. c. 2010, Gary S. Bekkum p. 16)

A “core secret” is so sensitive that its very existence is a secret. The tale of an extraterrestrial presence in the U.S. Intelligence Community is known as the CORE STORY.

Another bit of alleged information to be aware of:

“The strong rumor is there is a `disturbing’ aspect to this CORE STORY, something so dire it leaves battle-hardened military types shaking in their boots.”
If any of this is even remotely true, the Disclosure ship sailed away long, long ago.

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth American astronaut to walk on the moon, became embroiled in the UFO controversy in what today is a rather infamous incident. The following is taken from a paper I wrote on what today is known as the “Davis-Wilson” document.

Mitchell [Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 6th astronaut to walk on the Moon] spoke of his contact with a ranking Admiral at the Joint Chiefs who agreed to investigate the CORE STORY of alien contact and report back. Some reporters were miffed when Mitchell refused to disclose the name of the Admiral, but Mitchell did provide me confirmation that another report was ‘essentially correct.’

Mitchell requested my help in clarifying why his testimony appeared to be contradicted by the Admiral, who had been identified by the Herald Tribune as Rear Admiral Thomas R. Wilson.

Quoting an article from the prestigious Jane’s Defence Weekly, Mitchell implied that the Admiral had discovered that the CORE STORY was protected by a “Special Access Program.” As explained by Jane, such a “black program” must remain unacknowledged when it is “considered so sensitive that the fact of its existence is a CORE SECRET, defined as `any item, progress, strategy or element of information, the compromise of which would result in unrecoverable failure.’ ”

As I write this paper, once again, the subject of UFOs has exploded across the USA, especially on social media. Two items have rejuvenated interest in the UFO/Paranormal/PSI arenas of late: The History Channel series “Unidentified” and the release of notes from an alleged meeting between Dr. Eric Davis (formerly of the National Institute for Discovery Science, NIDS, founded and operated by Robert Bigelow) and Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Taking an overhead view of this material, many names are apparently involved, and it is a very complex situation. Prominent is Dr. Edgar Mitchell, astronaut and the sixth man to walk on the Moon, along with journalist Billy Cox, futurist and occasional “rogue” journalist Gary Bekkum, Wilson, and Davis. Other prominent individuals include UFO researcher Grant Cameron and Attorney Michael Hall, who had released the Davis/Wilson “notes” that Davis allegedly made during a covert meeting he had with Admiral Thomas R. Wilson, which occurred in the parking lot of the Las Vegas headquarters of EG&G on Oct. 16, 2002. Also mentioned are retired Naval Officer Oke Shannon and retired Naval Officer Will Miller. The notes indicate that in April of 1997, Steven Greer, Miller, and Edgar Mitchell gave a talk in the Pentagon Conference room to a number of military officers, including Admiral Mike Crawford and General Pat Hughes.

The shortened version had Mitchell meeting Admiral Thomas Wilson, who headed up the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) at that time. According to Mitchell, Wilson told him he would attempt to follow up with his contacts within the Pentagon, and allegedly, his inquiries led to an aviation corporation in California. Wilson is reported to have called them, but they refused to discuss anything over a telephone line. (It was implied that this unnamed corporation had “recovered technology” they were studying.) According to notes found in Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s papers after he died, Wilson flew out to California to the corporation. After arriving, he was taken to a “secure vault” where he tried to get information. According to the notes recovered from Mitchell’s papers, while in Las Vegas, Wilson told Eric Davis they would not give him any information since he did not have a “need to know.” Wilson left California enraged. Upon returning to the Pentagon, Wilson was prepared to raise some holy hell until cooler heads pulled him aside, reminding him he did not have long until he retired. Did he wish to risk his retirement, pension, and perhaps even receiving another star before leaving? Wilson then decided to quiet down.

So, if the subject of UFOs does contain a “Core Secret,” then the subject is protected by an SAP (Special Access Program.) If a Special Access Program is in play, even acknowledging one is aware of it is a major breach of security. Despite its great national security implications, this appears to fall outside the U.S. President’s “need to know.” This was demonstrated publicly by former President William “Bill” Clinton when Clinton reportedly tried to get Asst. Attorney General Webster Hubble to find out two things for him: Who really assassinated President Kennedy, and . . . what is the truth about UFOs? Hubble was completely shut out, and Clinton got an answer to neither.

As time moved along, I struggled with what this “Core Secret” might entail. Over the course of 30 years, I had interfaced with and interviewed possibly hundreds of people. During all that time, I heard many theories mixed with rumors of what might be the “real reason” for the draconian secrecy. Some of these conspiracy and rumor mill stories included amazing things like dead and mutilated human beings having been found on crashed saucers, or the presence of an ET conspiracy to replace highly placed humans with hybrid clones. And more!

Then … Ingo Swann entered the scene.

In the early 1990s, while acting as research director for UFO Magazine, I began my first foray into broadcasting with my program “UFOs Tonite!,” which was carried on Cable Radio Network. Around early 1992, I did two shows with different guests, dealing with lunar or moon phenomena, also known as Lunar Transient Phenomena. I became aware of many questions and events that suggested some type of activity taking place on our moon before the Apollo 11 touchdown. Both guests mentioned a book that had been first published in 1976, titled “Somebody Else is on the Moon” by author and science writer George Leonard.

Leonard used many photographs directly obtained from NASA that showed startling images of the surface of the moon. These photos show what appear to be excavations of crater rims, indicating that huge vehicles had rolled up and out of lunar craters, leaving vivid tracks in the lunar soil, and what appear to be structures, possibly constructed buildings. Prior to the manned lunar landing, NASA contracted out to academia a study to be conducted on lunar observations as reported by astronomers beginning as far back as 1540 A.D. Hundreds of lunar anomalies were reported and documented in the NASA Technical Report, TR-R-277.
Leonard’s book disappeared almost as soon as it was published. As important as this book would prove, it later became a bit more important as it seemed to provide validation for a top-secret remote viewing session run by deep black intelligence officers and remote viewing legend Ingo Swann, which I’ll discuss in greater detail.

When NASA finally landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, what did they expect to find? Only they know for sure, but I discovered that the astronauts were armed when they landed on the moon. At first, I found it hard to believe that the astronauts had weapons on board the lunar lander. I ended up calling their public affairs office, and they finally admitted to it. At that time, they tried to explain it by suggesting that if the astronauts crashed into a jungle somewhere, they had to have a means to protect themselves. I mentioned that our space program had no landings on the Earth’s surface–everything landed in the oceans! They had no coherent response.

During the early Apollo period, many publications ran news articles on what was planned after successfully landing on the moon. We were told of future lunar colonies, manufacturing facilities, and even planned military installations. After Apollo 11 landed and the astronauts returned, five more missions landed and returned, with only one failure- Apollo 13. By intensive NASA brain sweat, we (the United States) were able to return them safely. Finally, with the final Apollo 17 mission
(December 1972), the Apollo program was canceled, even though other missions were planned. The rockets were built, and the astronauts were trained, yet NASA pulled the plug. NASA’s reasoning was as convoluted as any statement from the government. They claimed that the American public now saw lunar missions as so routine they’d simply lost interest—so without public support, the agency canceled it.

During this fiery political year, the Viet Nam war was still raging, and anti-war sentiment rife in the American public. Richard Nixon was running again as president against challenger George McGovern. Nixon steamrolled McGovern, but more was to come on the political front: the Watergate scandal. As Watergate began to percolate in the news media, the rumor mill also began to pick up steam. Stories began to float that the Apollo 11 crew witnessed activity on the moon that they were forbidden to disclose. It was rumored that when Apollo 11 returned to Earth, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins were sequestered and kept incommunicado for several weeks. NASA claimed that the astronauts were kept in isolation because of the fear that they may have brought back alien organisms that we on Earth had no natural resistance or immunity to. When the astronauts were finally allowed to address the American public in their first news conference, they seemed deeply troubled and depressed. Later, Armstrong became a recluse, Aldrin developed an alcohol addiction, and Collins basically slid into anonymity. (Aldrin subsequently became clean and sober.)

In 2014, on the 45th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, I was hired as a research producer on a SyFy Channel television show titled “Aliens on the Moon: The Truth Revealed.” After well over 20 years of lunar research, I was able to take much of my material to this show. At the insistence of the network, some material was included, which I vociferously disagreed with. Unfounded segments claimed that top secret missions were sent to the moon following Apollo 11, including Apollo 18 to Apollo 20. This included the “Alien Mona Lisa,” which I consider pure disinformation. One real coup on this show was the inclusion of former astronaut Buzz Aldrin, the second human being to step onto the moon during the first landing of Apollo 11. Aldrin’s interview followed mine, where I presented a number of lunar photos potentially showing various anomalies. When the camera turned to Aldrin, I was absolutely shocked at his reaction. As the lunar photos were placed in front of him, he violently twisted his head to the side and refused to look at the pictures or discuss anything about them. He was willing to discuss future missions to Mars, more specifically, the Martian moon Phobos. Some call an odd protrusion on the Martian moon an obelisk, the only seeming anomaly Aldrin would address.

Now, going a little farther back in time. With the launch of the Soviet Union’s Sputnik satellite in 1957, the U.S. and the western alliance went into panic mode. There was a genuine fear of a “missile gap,” that the Soviets could launch nuclear weapons able to hit almost any target in under 30 minutes. In those early days of the latter 1950s, our missiles experienced a huge failure rate, often exploding on launch. In the 1960s, with reports coming out of Europe of the Soviet Union researching psychic and paranormal phenomena, the west once again feared a gap, this one involving a race to understand and exploit paranormal phenomena. The CIA suddenly sat up and took notice.

In 1972, with CIA funding, Harold Puthoff and Russell Targ began collaborating at Stanford Research Institute to explore the “remote viewing” phenomenon. (At that time, Puthoff was closely associated with the Church of Scientology, which later proved to be a huge embarrassment.) Remote viewing is the rarefied skill of “projecting one’s mind” to “view” distant objects, events, or people in real time. Later, it became apparent that some sessions could also include viewings seemingly from past or future events, sometimes called “spooky action at a distance.”

In 1972, Ingo Swann was recruited to Stanford Research Institute, or SRI. At the time, Swann had been a fast-rising star in New York’s American Society for Psychical Research, also known as ASPR. Upon arrival, Swann was asked to use his psychic talent attempt to manipulate a magnetic field within a magnetic shield. His efforts were successful, seemingly with little effort. He also met another man regarded as a “super-star,” Pat Price, whose remote viewing attempts were described as “scary accurate.”

(I found one troubling commonality– that all these people were either members of or closely associated with the controversial Church of Scientology, though I’m not sure what it could mean.)

As time went on, Swann began working with Puthoff and Targ on what Swann felt was a continuous string of mundane targets. Swann explained in his book “PENETRATION–The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy,” that sampling repetitive targets can lead to boredom, ultimately “flatlining” the PSI talent. With this in mind, Swann suggested targets well beyond the boundaries of targets in the next office. NASA had launched two probes, Pioneer 10 and 11, to explore the outer planets. His idea was resisted by Puthoff and Targ, so Swann took the only step he had left in him: He threatened to quit. Puthoff and Targ relented but with some conditions. The first expected data to arrive from the NASA probes was to be in September 1973. Swann knew they had to start quickly to beat NASA there first, so his attempt at viewing such a far target began in April 1973.

Stringent protocols were employed, although this was not an official test. It was conducted on his personal time on a Saturday, a non-working day. At the conclusion of this experiment, the raw data was recorded and circulated far and wide and included two scientists at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The raw data consisted of 13 factors, all verified. It was still early in the program, so Swann’s accuracy was astounding to everyone involved in the remote viewing project.

Of the number of troubling unsettling aspects of his job, one must be highlighted and detailed. Swann’s remote viewing “job” came at the behest of a deep black “intelligence” agency he originally feared could assassinate him.

In 1998, Swann’s just-published book “PENETRATION” arrived in our offices at UFO Magazine.” The book describes his role in designing the protocols for what was known as Project Stargate, a remote viewing program discovered to have been in operation for 20-plus years using military remote viewers. Stargate had been under the auspices of the Defense Intelligence Agency and the Central Intelligence Agency and was continuously included in the federal budget. Obviously, the CIA and DIA were getting value from the program. Yet once the program became public, the CIA released a statement that Project Stargate had been canceled, which I find impossible to believe. It makes much more sense that the program had been transferred to another agency, like the National Security Agency (NSA), and this public disclosure was simply an attempt to obfuscate the facts and reality of what the intelligence agencies were really doing.

Today, we know that what became the Stargate program was taken very seriously by the government, and the people and groups involved prove this beyond doubt. They include—and may not be limited to CIA, the U.S. Navy and Army, U.S. Missile Command, the U.S. Air Force, the National Security Agency, the Defense Intelligence Agency, and many other government clients, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff. So serious was the program and its success that “superstars” Swann and Pat Price were tasked to remotely view what turned out to be a “super-black” NSA facility in West Virginia. Price even managed to view files, case names, and some people working there.

This weird, ongoing spy opera reached new heights in 1975 when Swann was notified by an acquaintance that he would shortly receive a phone call from an unidentified source. He was to follow the caller’s instructions “to the letter.” A few weeks later, at 3 a.m., Swann received this telephone call instructing him to travel to Washington, DC. He was sent to the National History Museum, where he was contacted by two operatives, then blindfolded and taken to a car that drove him to a helicopter, where he was flown to an unknown destination and deposited in an underground facility.

Once there, Swann’s blindfold was removed, and he was escorted to a room where he was met by a man who called himself “Axelrod.” Axelrod wanted Swann to conduct a remote viewing session on an unnamed target, for which he was offered the enormous sum of $1,000 per day.

I was to learn more when, around 2002, Swann came to the west coast to visit family. He had a friend call me to see if my wife and I were available for dinner. We met him and a friend in a small Italian restaurant for a memorable evening. I had originally met Ingo in New Jersey while giving a lecture on my Lunar Transient Phenomenon research, and as I was to find out, his lunar interest was of the utmost importance to him. By this time, I had read and re-read his book, and my questions were many. (Swann had questions for me also.)

Whoever they were, these operatives knew Swann to a “T”. They even had a supply of Swann’s favorite cigars on hand. Swann accepted Axelrod’s proposal, and after a night’s rest and “a good meal,” he began his task. After breakfast, they retired to the room Swann was to use for the session, where he learned the target was the moon. This concerned him, as he always made it clear he needed feedback on what he viewed. Axelrod assured him he would get feedback, and they proceeded on the “mission.” All while sitting in a room and following his original remote-viewing protocols, Swann described his mind’s “flight” to the Moon, then “landing” on the lunar surface facing Earth. He described “standing” near a high cliff formation, maybe a very tall, natural cliff on the moon. Axelrod then gave him his first set of coordinates. Trying twice, suddenly Swann was “there,” standing in lunar darkness.

Getting acclimated to the dark scene, he looked around and was surprised by seeing odd puffs in the lunar soil. He described these funny markings as almost looking at wind-driven sand on the beach, except there’s no wind on the moon. He realized they looked like machine-driven tread marks. He became confused, thinking at first that somehow he was transported back to Earth. Then he observed what appeared to be a bank of lights similar to what one would see at a sports stadium. Now very worried, he first thought maybe the Soviet Union had built a lunar base. But as he saw more, a realization hit him, moving him to tears. He was observing buildings, towers, tall structures of some type, and what appeared to be living habitats. Swann wrote that he finally “lost it” when he next observed a crater that appeared to be covered by a transparent green dome. Looking down, Swann observed humanoids working on the lunar soil. Suddenly, one of the figures stopped, turned around, and looked up, then another and another until they all stopped working and began pointing and looking up. Shocked, Swann told Axelrod what he was “seeing,” then, Axelrod quietly but firmly told Swann to stop and return immediately. Still reeling from the shock of seeing what appeared to be living beings on the moon, Swann realized not only were the beings there, but they were also highly psychic since they knew he was seeing them when Swann wasn’t physically there. He later told me they weren’t friendly and seemed angry. He spent the next four to five months terrified these “aliens” might track him down and “fry his brain.”

The moon continued to engage federal interest and money. After 22 years since the last moon mission, Apollo 17 in January 1994, the Department of Defense’s Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) and NASA launched the Clementine Mission; its twofold task was to do a flyby of an asteroid and to completely re-photograph and map the moon. Clementine was outfitted with the most powerful cameras (think of our first-line spy satellites), able to capture images in various spectrums and hypothetically read a license plate from orbit, provided any license plates were on the moon’s surface! During this mission, 2.5 million photographs were taken, all at the behest of the BMDO. I contacted and spoke with the assistant director of Clementine, who informed me that all of Clementine’s photographs were beamed to a separate department inside the mission quarters, and unless you held the proper security clearance, the photographs were classified. I was told by my source that even the director wasn’t cleared to see these lunar photographs. With the exception of literally a handful of them–nondescript photos such as unnamed craters and landscapes–the photos are blurry, seemingly void of resolution in the extreme. Images arriving from satellites such as the KH-11 or similar spy satellites with such blurry, indistinct resolution are unheard of. Usually, the clarity of such clear images can be truly scary.

So, to sum up, with the advent of Clementine, it has been over two decades since the Apollo Program shut down. In the aftermath of the 1968 NASA TR-R-277 anomaly report, the many rumors of what the Apollo astronauts might have observed, verification that the lunar astronauts carried weapons to the moon, Buzz Aldrin’s shocking refusal to look at lunar photographs, and after the DOD and NASA go back to the moon to completely re-photograph and map the lunar surface—again—what can we conclude if anything?

While considering this, I recalled my time in Viet Nam. During that conflict, American reconnaissance aircraft often would spot what was thought to be a new enemy site or installation, photograph it, and perhaps attack it. Or the decision would be to simply wait for a while, then go back and photograph it again. These photos would then be taken to the intelligence section for study and analysis. The intel officials would look for any noticeable changes–new buildings, vehicles, equipment, instillations for troops, and so on. I have no doubt that in the case of the Clementine photos, this is exactly what the BMDO was looking for, and I am further convinced one of their objectives was to scrutinize the images for anything—or anyone–they consider a possible ET threat.

Such a stark realization has not escaped professional attention. Dr. Avi Loeb, the Frank B. Baird, Jr. Professor of Science at Harvard University, is an Israeli-American theoretical physicist who works on astrophysics and cosmology. Since 2007, he has been Director of the Institute for Theory and Computation at the university’s Center for Astrophysics. In 2018, he suggested that extraterrestrial spacecraft may currently be in the solar system, using the example of the interstellar object Oumuamua. He and his radical speculation came under very heavy criticism.

This did not deter Dr. Loeb’s open-minded exploration. He founded The Galileo Project in an effort to perform a systematic search for evidence of ET artifacts within our solar system. Then, in June of 2023, well after the U.S. Department of Defense’s 2014 detection of a fireball streaking to earth, he announced that he and his group had retrieved material off the ocean floor near New Guinea. It is believed that this object came into the solar system from interstellar space because of the excessive rate of speed this object demonstrated–in excess of 45 km. per second. Dr. Loeb theorized that this could be the part of an ET interstellar starship. The debris retrieved from the ocean was telling. Upon close examination, the stuff showed elements of Cl (Chlorine), Si (Silicon), Be (Beryllium), Li (Lithium), U (Uranium), and finally Fe (Iron), all in a pure state.

Physicist Dr. John Brandenburg, with his background in nuclear weapons research, advanced propulsion systems, and his reputation as a Mars authority, found Loeb’s chemical analysis very intriguing. He performed his own analysis in graphic form and sent it to me. He explained this to me, but in relatively complex scientific terms, “Therefore,” he said, “Solar/ Cl (Chlorine) indicates [a] shared pattern of relative elemental abundances. Be, (Beryllium), Li (Lithium), and U (Uranium) can be seen as very rare elements. Fe (Iron) is fairly common in the universe, as are Al (Aluminum) and Ti (Titanium). Plotting the ratio of abundances of elements relative to Si in a sample from outer space and then, in turn, its ratio to the ratio of relative abundance found in Cl is a measure of the `strangeness’ of a sample versus the natural cosmic background composition as represented by the sun. We will represent this `strangeness’ measure by EQ/Cl, where EQ means the relative abundance of element Q to Si in a sample, and Cl represents the relative abundance of element Q to Si in the Cl. If this `strangeness’ ratio of ratios is much different than 1, indicating a substantial deviation from the Solar/Cl pattern of relative abundances, it could indicate a sample is actually a technologically produced material rather than a product of nature.”

Brandenburg further theorizes, “These elements could mean that the fireball could have come from an artificial craft, perhaps damaged, and the elements could be indicative of something like a landing gear.” However, the most terrifying possibility Brandenburg proposed was that this “object” had within it the components of a nuclear weapon. This, above all, would deeply trouble the national security state.

The original purpose of this paper was to explore whether we might be on the verge of mass public disclosure of the reality of the UFO phenomenon, or at least in the near future. I must answer this speculative desire with a resounding NO. Front and center, and with years of exposure to the topic, we must be aware that, at the very least, this UFO/UAP phenomenon is very likely buried as a CORE secret, shielded and protected by a Special Access Program. The individuals in charge know something that terrifies them if it were to become public knowledge. Since public awareness of the Nimitz battle group encounters in 2004 and the late Sen. Harry Reid’s disclosure of getting finances for the ATTIP program, one branch of the uniformed military services has avidly kept mum: the United States Air Force. The Air Force, presumably the people in charge of UFO investigations since 1947, have discussed or released nothing about the phenomenon, other than some diversionary rationales or explanations. So far, the CORE Secret appears secure.

I’ve thought about this a great deal and played many theories in my mind about the exact UFO secret. One thing struck a nerve as I listened to purported “insider” David Grusch testify before Congress. He claims that he was told that the government has recovered at least a dozen off-world vehicles, and now has them in storage. If so, and if any of these vehicles are from another star system, the technology must be beyond belief—well beyond our own state-of-the-art technology. Does it make sense that these crafts could travel light years to finally arrive on Earth, only to then just break down? That makes no sense. But having survived two deployments to S.E. Asia during the violent Viet Nam war, I find this could make sense: Such “broken down” off-world vehicles might be combat wreckage.

Over the decades, I have been made aware of many witnessed accounts of UFOs in conflict with one another. In 1991 and 1992, I broke two stories of what seemed to be hostile action, having been observed and then reported by reliable witnesses. The Soviet Union’s Phobos 2 probe was reportedly rammed and destroyed by a huge, unknown object observed in Mars orbit. Also, consider the STS-48 space shuttle mission, where an unknown UFO was filmed taking drastic action to avoid what could only have been a weapons firing of some type. ET war in close space to Earth? Yes, that would be an excellent reason to shield the populace from the present threat posed by UFO reality.

To sum up, I cannot forget Ingo Swann’s rumination to me in one of our last conversations, which he highlighted in his book “PENETRATION” (page 83). “Perhaps there was a space opera in which two different sets of ETs were fighting some kind of war here on Earth – while both at the same time were somehow ensuring that humans never realize that they, themselves, are psychic.” Remember, Swann was convinced the ETs he encountered on the moon during remote viewing found humans with psychic ability a threat.

Full disclosure in our lifetime? It will never be allowed to happen.

Davis-Wilson Memo
Dr. Hal Puthoff
Dr. Russell Targ
Ingo Swann
Pat Price’s Death
Clementine Project
Dr. Avi Loeb
The Galileo Project

Serving as its Director of Research and Media Liaison for 20 years, Don Ecker became the voice of what is considered the most journalistic American publication on the UFO subject, UFO Magazine (now out of print). Beginning in 1zz991, Ecker began broadcasting his first hit show, “UFOs Tonite!” on the Cable Radio Network. Later, his shows moved to the Liberty Works Network, Satellite Radio, then CyberstationUSA, and finally KGRA Digital Broadcasting. Ecker is a U.S. Army veteran of the Vietnam War Upon returning home, he became a Police Officer and later a Criminal Investigator.