Mack Maloney's Military X Files

Mack Maloney’s Military X Files

Monday’s 12:00 am. to 02:00 am. EST.


“Join Mack, Juan-Juan, Commander Cobra & the rest of the MMMX-Files gang as they take a high-energy look into the U.S. Military’s involvement in UFOs and the paranormal.”  Weekly topics range from famous military encounters with UFOs to the Pentagon’s psychic studies to haunted forts, airplanes, ships, and battlefields.

Mack Maloney's Military X Files

Host Bio:

Mack Maloney

Mack Maloney has written more than fifty novels, including military thrillers, men’s action-adventure, science fiction, and historical fiction.

He has written three non-fiction books: “UFOs in Wartime,” “Beyond Area 51” and “Mack Maloney’s Haunted Universe.”

He also created the long-running Wingman series, which has sold 1.2 million copies to date.

Mack has also worked as a consultant to the U.S. government on anti-terrorist programs and is a member of the EDM band, Sky Club.

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