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Human Ascension with Ellie

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The show centers on searching for evidence of the elusive ‘human ascension’ to a higher level of consciousness predicted to occur as humanity moves into the Age of Aquarius.

Ellie will introduce topics prompted by ancient wisdom, prophecies, popular theory, and past or recent events each week. Each episode will include a background summary plus an analysis of the topic(s). Tools for analysis may include tarot cards, astrology charts, knowledgeable guests, and comparative information from other sources, timelines, or geographic locations.

Each episode is an attempt to get closer to answers. Some topics stand-alone, and others may be revisited as new or related information becomes apparent.

Host Bio:

Show Host Ellie Collins

Ellie Collins

Human Ascension with Ellie - KGRA Digital BroadcastingBorn in Australia, Ellie has had a lifelong interest in spirituality, the occult, ancient wisdom, and the purpose of life and humanity. She learned to read tarot cards from a young age and often used tarot and dream analysis to provide intuitive insight.
From around the age of four, Ellie secretly believed that God was the word for the aliens who guard over humanity. To this day, Ellie still doesn’t know how the idea started. It was just what she ‘knew’ to be true. As Ellie grew into an adult, the idea was replaced with ‘grown-up’ priorities and responsibilities, but she never forgot.

In the early 1980s, a psychic told Ellie that she would ultimately find herself talking to a massive number of people about a subject or subjects she could never have anticipated at the time. For the next 40 years, Ellie did not realize that the Universe was guiding her to a life’s purpose.

In the 1990s, Ellie moved to the US, where she studied public policy at Georgia State University. She worked in television and the performing arts and later moved to the UK, where she worked in central government and policing. Ellie also did her postgraduate degree in Policing, with full scholarship, at Canterbury Christchurch University in England. She had a knack for landing the most controversial and impactful jobs. For over a decade, Ellie routinely worked on prominent government projects that were debated every evening in the news. She held a high-level security clearance, developed national policy, and was an advisor to once-in-a-generation national governmental reviews.

When Ellie finally returned to Australia after living overseas for 20 years, she was confronted with an unexpected reminder of a prophecy she had seen on a religious pamphlet at a friend’s house decades earlier. The prophecy appeared to be coming true, and this realization took Ellie on a journey where her lifelong pass time of reading tarot cards became an intuitive complement to the analytical skills she had fine-tuned in her career. The prophecy spoke of the events that would ultimately lead to the next phase of humanity. A time when everything we have wondered about life and the Universe will be revealed and will propel us into a new Age of Enlightenment.

Ellie now has a successful YouTube channel (, where she uses the intuitive benefits of tarot and dream analysis to examine a wide range of subjects from a uniquely analytical perspective.

Ellie also has a tutorial podcast on how to learn to read tarot, and her first book is in development and due for publication in 2024.

Ellie also recently discovered her love of art and paints for pleasure whenever she can.

Ellie’s favorite thing in the world is her dog or maybe ice cream. It depends.

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