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The Show Wiretap will address some of the most significant political issues at all levels of government while handling information thought to be conspiracies.

Host Bios:

Show Hosts Todd Nunley

Wiretap – Hosts Todd Nunley & Rodney - KGRA Digital BroadcastingTodd Nunley

Todd is a decorated law enforcement officer with 32 years of experience at municipal and federal levels. Todd spent six years as a municipal police officer with assignments in both patrol and narcotics and as a member of his department’s SWAT team.

The following 25 years were spent at the federal level within the U.S. Department of Justice…8 years in the U.S. Marshals Service as a Deputy U.S. Marshal (assigned to the Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Office) and over 17 years as a Special Agent with ATF. During this time, Todd completed selection and basic training for his agency’s special operations team, where he held positions as an Operator, Breacher, Sniper, and HRST Master.

Along with tactical operations, Todd is a federal firearms instructor (pistol/rifle/shotgun) certified in 2001 through the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center (FLETC), a defensive tactics instructor since 2003 in three various disciplines, and an intelligence operations and mission planning instructor. Todd has been a contractor for the U.S. State Department and other agencies within the U.S. government.

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