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Discover Sasquatch

Thursday’s 7:00 pm. to 8:00 pm. – EST.


Discover Sasquatch is an introduction to the Cryptid Realm and delves into the investigative process regarding these entities. Having had multiple experiences myself, from Paranormal to Bigfoot encounters, I felt it was essential to create awareness among the public. On this show, we will focus on the evidence, interview relevant researchers in the field and explore areas of the Paranormal nature of Sasquatch.

Discover Sasquatch - KGRA Digital Broadcasting

Host Bio:

Chris Reinhardt

Chris ReinhardtChris leads Discover Sasquatch Investigations and has been involved with teams doing extensive work not only with his own in New England but in Florida and Missouri.

My interest or my passion for the whole subject goes beyond most. Initially, I did my investigations for all the wrong reasons ($). Now it’s all about the truth and, most of all, bringing awareness to all. I did my job if I could just get someone thinking about them walking the forest.

I love my life outside of Sasquatch. To clarify, I have two grandchildren I would die for and the love of my life, Maria. She supports everything I do, other than her returning to the woods… She is aware. Very aware!

I have been taking baby steps for seven years now and have learned a lot! However, you must remember these guys know life by the seasons and not by living their lives on a time clock, so you must be patient. If you do not love the search and are doing it for money, then you should pick up a fishing pole instead.