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Dork Side of the Ring

Sunday’s 2:00 pm. to 4:00 pm. – Eastern


The weekly show where professional wrestling fans Danny Ballard, Joe Rivers, Johnny Rock & John Schmidt talk about the latest news & rumors in Professional Wrestling.

Host Bios:

Danny Ballard, Joe Rivers, Johnny Rock & John Schmidt

Danny Ballard - Dork Side of the Ring - KGRA Digital BroadcastingDanny Ballard

Danny “The Dork Knight” Ballard founded Triad Custom Web Designs in High Point, NC (part of the Piedmont Triad with Greensboro and Winston-Salem) in 1998 after interning as the webmaster for the McPherson College Office of Communications in McPherson, KS.

In 2004, Danny relocated to the Houston, TX area and re-branded as before settling down in Las Vegas, NV in 2010. In Vegas, Danny became known as Fat Beard, but after a heart attack in 2016, he lost nearly 200 pounds and shaved off his beard.

Joe Rivers - Dork Side of the Ring - KGRA Digital BroadcastingJoe Rivers

Joe Rivers, III is an ex-US Army Military Policeman, Bartender, Machine Operator, and Furnace Technician. He currently works as a Resident Manager for CORE, Center of Recovery, a non-profit Residential Rehab for Compulsive Gamblers. He’s also been an artist specializing in pencil-sketched portraits. He’s done decades of portrait, mural, airbrushing, and Mardi Gras float design work and is currently creating his first comic book. His lifelong passions include comic books, movies, NFL Football, and Professional Wrestling! He grew up watching Mid-South wrestling and keeps his finger on the pulse of as many wrestling promotions as he can. He’s always searching for the next great Rassler!!!

Johnny Rock - Dork Side of the Ring - KGRA Digital BroadcastingJohnny Rock

Johnny Rock has been a podcaster on numerous pro wrestling podcasts for the past 7 years. After serving 8 years in the Army, he pursued an education in radio broadcasting and has transitioned that into multiple fields, including hosting karaoke and stand-up comedy. In addition, he has done work with numerous independent wrestling promotions in Nevada and Southern California, serving in multiple roles as a manager, color commentator, and audio producer, among other roles. He is a lifelong wrestling fan, and has a fondness for all aspects of the business (especially the more ridiculous aspects). His hobbies outside of wrestling include playing retro video games, watching horror movies, reading comics, and collecting Funko Pops

John Schmidt - Dork Side of the Ring - KGRA Digital BroadcastingJohn Schmidt

John Schmidt has been in IT since the early 90s. He was also involved in the gaming industry in the 90s and 2000s working with Steve Jackson Games and other companies and putting out my own gaming supplements for various systems. He is the quintessential geek who is into games, books, movies, and all things geek. He joined Pop Culture Minefield in 2022 as part of the team.