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Public Intel Report

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Parroting the geopolitical current event blurbs no longer cuts it. As an informed citizen, a deeper analysis through multiple lenses is what is needed in the world today. Since the Second World War, censorship of ideas has not been as oppressive as it is now. The overlapping of intelligence agencies during the war affects us all today, mainly through their influence on corporate media and the subsequent loss of trust in the now-collapsing legacy media sphere. In response, Addy Adds details about the novel and the blossoming world of Public Intelligence. A term he coined and defined as information analyzed, synthesized, and disseminated to uncover an objective truth, or simply: Public Intelligence (PUBINT) is Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) + Whistleblower Intelligence(WHISINT)

Join Addy as he relays and analyzes geopolitical events, past and present, to help the viewer understand what is happening in the world.

Host Bio:

Addy Adds

Addy Adds is a random guy from Wisconsin. He is also an independent journalist, author, best-selling ghostwriter & publisher of investigative reports, articles, and interviews.