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Raven’s Scary Movie Hour

Monday’s 2:00 am. to 3:00 am. EST.

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Hosts Raven and Phil Yebz meet with a variety of guests to talk about horror movies and all their creepy glory; good ones, bad ones, and everything in between. Join us each episode as we chat about 6 different scary movies, and anything else that may come up. And don’t forget to stay creepy!

Host Bios:

Raven & Phil Yebz


Raven was born and raised on the east coast, Raven became interested in the strange and unusual at a young age, and scary movies were no exception. Not one to shy away from the darker things in life, the New York based artist strives to learn and understand what many people do not. In her free time, Raven enjoys hiking, reading and spending time with her pups, Scotch and Ruby, and her cat, Friday, and produces and co-hosts on Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files. You can find and follow Raven on Instagram @abearnamedclare

Phil Yebz

Phil Yebz was born, raised and still resides in Massachusetts. When he is not saving the world, in his free time he likes to do vocal experimentation such as impressions, made up characters and comedy/improv as well as fostering his inner geek by playing old and new school video games. Of course a passion for movies is at the top of the list, especially horror and all the visceral and psychological feels that can only come from this genre of madness. You can catch Phil guesting on Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files, and find and follow him on Instagram @philyebz

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