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TGIF – Gerry & Keith

Friday’s 2:00 pm. to 4:00 pm. – Eastern


Join Gerry, Keith, and their panel as they discuss the pop culture zeitgeist and conduct celebrity interviews. In addition, hour one of the show features guest Hollywood insider Mikey Sutton and his Geekosity magazine to discuss the latest news and rumors. Hour two acts like an end-of-the-week party, where a panel of established YouTube hosts discusses all the latest news and rumors about film and TV.

Host Bios:

Don Ecker & Gerry Kissell

Gerry Kissell

Gerry Kissell - Host for Dangerous Military NerdsGerry served as Combat Medic in the U.S. Army, volunteering during the first Gulf War. He has been a professional illustrator since 1986, starting as an artist for Selling Power Magazine in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and working to this day in the comics publishing industry for books and magazines.

Gerry created and was the lead artist on multiple best-selling graphic novels, including Code Word: Geronimo and Iron Sky for IDW, the One-Million sold Alan Wake video game tie-in comic for Xbox, and cover artist for G.I. Joe. In addition, he has been the Official Artist for Dale Dye’s Warrior Publishing Group since 2006.

Gerry also has worked steadily as an artist in the motion picture industry since 1997. In 2012, Gerry created Dangerous Military Nerds on Facebook about the nerd culture in the Military, and in 2018 he started Pop Culture Minefield on YouTube. This show featured his “partner in crime,” Keith Moncrief. In 2022, Gerry was joined by decorated Military veteran and Ufologist Don Ecker for a weekly UFO series, and in 2023 Don Ecker helped broker a deal to bring all of Gerry’s shows (9), including  Dangerous Military Nerds, to KGRA Digital Broadcasting.

Morning Coffee with Keith - KGRA Digital Broadcasting

Keith Moncrief

Keith Moncrief is a Podcaster, YouTube content creator, Filmmaker & Movie Geek. Keith Moncrief has enjoyed 30 years of (Midwest) Film & Television Production, with credits allowing him to work for the Sci-Fi Channel, CMT Cable News Network & Freemantle Media.