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Veterans Action Report

Wednesday’s 4:00 pm. to 5:00 pm. EST.


Veteran’s Action Report will bring you the latest interviews with veterans all around the country. We will be bringing attention to the struggles veterans face spanning from homelessness to mental health crises.  In addition, we will bring in veteran entrepreneurs, business owners, and nonprofit leaders to share their knowledge and stories of how they got to where they are now.

Veterans Action Report -

Host(s) Bio:

Nick Rahn & Andrew Canales

Nick Rahn

Nick: Nick is an Air Force Security Forces veteran who served six years with multiple deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He is the Founder of Warriors Next Adventure, helping veterans overcome PTSD through recreational therapy and new adventures. Nick has been the host of Warriors Next Adventure Podcast since 2019 and many other involvements with radio/podcasting since 2018.  “I often struggled with PTSD and depression. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me, so I started doing the work on myself to find the answer to my struggles. I created a program for myself to pull myself up when things look dark; then I brought it to the veteran community to help reduce, if not end, the suicide epidemic veterans face”.

Andrew Canales

Andrew: Andrew is an Air Force Security Forces veteran who served six years with two tours to Iraq. He is the founder of Houses For Warriors supporting homeless and injured veterans through transitional housing and home remodels for disabled veterans. Andrew has appeared on multiple podcast and radio shows and will be on as a cohost to give the show some additional incite. “I struggled myself with homelessness for almost two years, and when I overcame it, I decided to help guide others to find sustainable housing. I created a program that gave veterans in a similar situation the means to get back on their feet”.

Nick Rahn - Veterans Action Report
Andrew Canales - Veterans Action Report

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