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Exciting times at KGRAdb! We have lots of changes coming in the weeks and months ahead—new content, new shows, and special events. Executive Producer and Program Director Bill Skywatcher, said, “There are so many new and exciting things happening at KGRA. We have a jam-packed line-up, with some incredible new popular shows, and, of course, many great shows and hosts who have been with us for a while and who are an integral part of what we deem as the KGRAdb family.”

In this article, we turn the spotlight on three shows we are particularly proud of—two brands that are brand new to us, and one that is a very popular and valued long-time feature on KGRA. Each of these shows is brought to us by some amazing and wise women. If you haven’t checked them out, you are most definitely missing out.

WISE WOMEN OF KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Watch, Listen and Learn

Human Ascension with Ellie


First up is our newest addition, Human Ascension with Ellie. Host (and popular YouTuber and podcaster) Ellie Collins has had a lifelong interest in spirituality, the occult, ancient wisdom, and the purpose of life and humanity. She learned to read tarot cards as a young child, and from about age 4, she secretly believed that God was the word for the aliens who are guardians of humanity.

WISE WOMEN OF KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Watch, Listen and Learn

Ellie’s favorite thing in the world is her dog, Lolo… or ice cream. “It depends,” she says.

In the early 80s, Ellie was told by a psychic that she would someday find herself talking to masses of people about subjects she could never have anticipated back then. She now understands that, for the next 40 years, and through successful careers in exciting areas like television and policing, she was literally being led by the Universe toward her life’s purpose.

With her two feet planted on terra firma, most likely thanks partly to her careers and experiences in government and policing, Ellie explores the endless possibilities for consciousness expansion via ancient wisdom, prophecies, popular theory, and past or recent events.

Many people worldwide feel we are standing on the precipice of a major shift, an ascension, if you will, of the human race. Ellie centers her new show on the search of evidence for this ascension to a higher level of consciousness predicted to occur as humanity moves into the Age of Aquarius.

Explore topics from ancient wisdom, prophecies, popular theory, and past or recent events. Every episode will take us closer to the answers we all seek.

You may recognize Ellie from her popular “Ellie Dreams Down Under show on YouTube, “Ellie Dreams
Down Under” or tarot tutorial podcast “Meat and Potatoes.” Her new book on tarot will be available this year.

“Human Ascension with Ellie” airs LIVE every Friday night at 11 PM on KGRAdb.

WISE WOMEN OF KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Watch, Listen and Learn


“Supernatural Girlz, Where Paranormal is Normal” is another stellar new show to our platform, but it really all started over ten years ago, back in March 2013, and has been going strong ever since. Founded by co-host Patricia Baker, the Girlz continue to provide powerfully engaging content every week with their outstanding guests and unique perspectives on every paranormal topic. Joined by co-host and expert numerologist Patricia Kirkman (PK), they each bring their own expertise to the table as they dive into the unknown and take us along for the ride.

WISE WOMEN OF KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Watch, Listen and Learn

Hosts Patricai Baker (L), and Patricia Kirkman (R)

The paranormal has been Patricia Baker’s passion for over 40 years, and she brings to bear her background in sociology, dream analysis, and paranormal research to help them navigate through the unknown. Her own personal experiences, along with her training at the Monroe Institute and with Native Medicine Men and women, inform her analysis. Look out for Patricia’s upcoming books, Colors in the Dark, the True Story of Abductee Marianne Shenfield, and Weaving Worlds: Expanding Consciousness with Interdimensional Contact.

Co-host Patricia Kirkman (PK) is a nationally known numerologist and has been featured on many television programs, including the acclaimed Dateline NBC. Over a forty-five-year career, people have relied on her intuitive abilities and expertise to manage the most critical aspects of their personal, professional, and private lives. PK frequently gives lectures and seminars on numerology and metaphysics. Many rely on the expertise in her book, Complete Idiots Guide To Numerology Workbook.

These two powerful women, along with their special guests, delve into the subjects we can’t get enough of. Don’t be surprised if a special otherworldly guest shows up to visit them from time to time!

Supernatural Girlz has got you covered, from alternative healing to hauntings and UFOs!

Supernatural Girlz, Tuesdays at 6 PM Eastern

WISE WOMEN OF KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Watch, Listen and Learn


“Stories connect us to ourselves and each other.” That’s how hosts, AJ Rasmussen and Natalie Peace look at the world, and with that philosophy in mind, they have dedicated their show, Soul Wanderings, to raising spiritual awareness and fostering connections through shared stories and experiences.
Early on in her life, AJ began to notice that people were somehow drawn to her and would often share their deepest secrets. They somehow seemed to be helped merely through her listening and understanding. Later, after years of embarking on a spiritual path, AJ learned she was an empath. Through her natural ability to relate to the feelings and experiences of others, she was able to identify the best way to help them heal. AJ explains, “When we share our authentic truth and own all the aspects of our truth, even the messy parts—especially the messy parts—we help each other heal, and in doing so we help heal ourselves.”

WISE WOMEN OF KGRA Digital Broadcasting - Watch, Listen and Learn

Hosts AJ Rasmussen (L), and Natalie Peace (R)

people where they are in order to understand the best way forward toward health and happiness. Her favorite title is “Human Wilderness Guide.” She meets people in their own wilderness and guides them to a better place and toward their highest good using her knowledge and expertise.

AJ and Natalie have designed Soul Wanderings to allow us to learn, laugh, inspire, and heal together.

Their unique stories and guests will open your mind to the universe’s endless possibilities.

Soul Wanderings-LIVE each Wednesday at 8 PM Eastern.

We hope you will enjoy these, and all our mind-expanding shows, on KGRAdb.com for the best paranormal and alternative talk in the cosmos.