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X-traordinary Stories

Saturday’s 7:00 pm. to 8:00 pm. EST.


The Universe is Vast, and so is the Human Experience. Do you have an interesting story? Let’s hear it! UFO Encounters, Paranormal Experiences, Extrasensory Gifts, Angel Encounters, Unusual Survival Stories, Connections to Historical Places, Interesting Achievements, and Stories of Courage & Resilience.

Every life is both ordinary and extraordinary. Let’s talk!

On this show, we will invite people who have had extraordinary experiences to share their stories.  We will discover what they saw, heard, thought, and felt with supportive listening and how the experience changed their lives. When we put all of these stories together, we might find some answers to important questions about how the universe works and our role in it.  Based on the story featured on the show, we may have subject matter experts to help shed some light on the topic.

We have both had our own extraordinary experiences involving UFOs and paranormal experiences and know what it’s like to be left with feelings of amazement and a lot of questions. We’re interested in the stories and the people who experienced them; we’re deep diving for answers. We’re building comradery and a place to belong.

Join us to hear and share some Extraordinary Stories!

X-traordinary Stories