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Dark Matters

Hosted by Don Ecker

He’s baaaaack! By popular demand, the inimitable and legendary Don Ecker brings his signature show, Dark Matters, back to KGRAdb. Don’s storied history in the US military and law enforcement and his decades of solid journalistic UFO research make Dark Matters a standout show for all serious UFO researchers and enthusiasts.

Don’s entrée into researching the UFO mystery really began in 1966 with his own UFO sighting in Pennsylvania while on a deer hunting trip with two buddies. As the daylight started to wain in the late afternoon, the three decided it was time to head down the mountain back to civilization. As they were descending the hill, one of them shouted out loudly. Don, becoming annoyed thinking his friend was scaring off any last chance they might have had to bag a deer, turned toward him. As he did, he noticed his friend looking up at the sky.

Don Ecker, host of Dark Matters | Maureen O’Boyle host Don Ecker on TV Magazie Extra

Overhead were four extremely bright white objects flying in a diamond formation, he estimated, about around 100 MPH. As they watched, the object in the rear position broke away from the others and shot straight upward. Then the remaining lights, now in a V-formation, suddenly shot forward at speed so fast, it almost seemed they disappeared instantly.

That incident stoked an already keen curiosity about the mysterious and unknown. He didn’t know it then, but that interest would take Don through decades of research, investigations, television appearances, movie consultancies and hundreds and hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts, and, of course, last but not least, finding his life partner and soulmate, Vicki Cooper, Co-Founder, Publisher and Editor in Chief of UFO magazine. Vicki’s authentic journalistic approach to this edgy subject matter and Don’s hardline investigative style made them a match made in heaven. (We wonder whether that had anything to do with Don adopting the slogan, “Keep your eyes to the skies!”)

The late great author Jim Marrs with Don perusing the latest issue of UFO magazine | Don with astronaut Col. Cordon Cooper

Don’s certainly not one for softball interviews. His mantra is, “I ask the questions, but then I question the answers.” In this way, he and the Dark Matters Team, acclaimed artist/illustrator Gerry Kissell, and environmental specialist Mark Center approach the vast topic of UFOs, or UAPs, if you will, in a way that cuts right through the cacophony of misinformation and disinformation getting straight the heart of the matter.

In a recent conversation with KGRAdb, Ecker shared, “I’ve always been totally taken with this mystery,” but indicated that, over time, there has been a vast change in how he thinks about it. When he went into UFO research in 1966, Don said, “I was thinking, if these are real sightings, they have to be coming from another star system.”

However, after researching and investigating UFO cases and coming across such anomalies as those reported on the Sherman Ranch in Utah, better known today as Skinwalker Ranch, his opinions began to change and expand. Strange phenomena reported there, such as the formation of an aperture or hole (some might refer to it as a portal) in the sky, where strange creatures, among other things, could pass through into our reality, certainly made him reconsider the possibilities.

Dark Matters - Host Don Ecker - KGRA Digital Broadcasting

With the illusive Bob Lazar of Area 51 fame (or infamy?) | Don Ecker reveals details of the Russian UFO landing story in Voronezh in 1989 on Larry King Live with guest host Pat Buchanan.

Ecker thought the Skinwalker case and many others he began to come across might point to something other than visitors from another planet. Indeed, he thought, some of this activity appears to comport more into the interdimensional, rather than interplanetary, category. This opens up a whole new area of research into the UFO/UAP question.

KGRAdb could not be more proud to welcome the return of Dark Matters, and we look forward to best coverage of the UFO subject on planet Earth.

Dark Matters airs live each Monday from 7-9 PM Eastern on KGRAdb.