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KGRAdb prides itself in having the best shows covering the genres we all love, as those shows are not created in a vacuum but through our hosts’ hard work and creativity. That’s why we are honored to have on our roster The Paranormal Project, hosted by Scott Allan and his brand new co-host, Khristina Bowen, where they examine all things that go bump in the night–from ghosts to cryptids to UFOs–and interview some of the most famous paranormal influencers.

Scott Allan is a well-known medium, but it wasn’t always that way. He spent some 40 years as a funeral director assisting grieving families and helping to honor their deceased loved ones. That’s where Scott started receiving messages from the great beyond. After all, he spent so much time with the dearly departed and those whose greatest wish was to have just one more minute with, or a message from, their loved one. He did get some subtle whispers but, at the time, had no idea what he was experiencing.

Strangely, Scott’s “opening to mediumship,” as he calls it, really began after he had left the funeral industry in what he describes as “an unsettling ghost story.”

Scott was keen to embark on a newfound—hobby ghost hunting–when he purchased components to build a gadget he calls a portal, something like a Franks Box. Scott states, “The theory is that spirits who wished to communicate could somehow manipulate the airwaves, and we would hear them.”

It only took him about an hour to assemble it and flip the switch to the ‘on’ position. The little machine came to life, not with the loud cacophony of static sounds paranormal investigators are all too familiar with, but what he described as a “soft echo” filled the space around him.

A man’s voice emanated from the box almost immediately and very clearly, “I want to talk to Scott.” Taken aback, he answered, “This is Scott. I’m Scott. What’s your name?” The deep and unfamiliar voice swiftly replied, “This is David.” From then on, nothing has been the same for Scott Allan.

It certainly wasn’t easy at first dealing with all the messages coming through once the floodgates were opened. Fortunately for Scott and for those who enjoy his talents, Scott received help from a shaman who assisted him in understanding and controlling his gift. This helped him immensely and enabled him to develop his mediumship even further.

After a chance meeting with actress and celebrity TV host Forbes Riley, he was asked to do a live reading for her on the air. From there, the word spread like wildfire, and people worldwide began to email Scott for private consultations. He quickly took the next step and appeared in front of sold-out audiences.

His popularity continues to grow as he showcases his abilities on Project Paranormal on KGRAdb and in gallery events at home and across the pond, most recently sharing a demonstration at the haunted Airth Castle in Airth, Scotland. This November, he will have a gallery session at the Hawthorne Hotel in a fitting location–Salem, Massachusetts.

Khristina Bowen is Scott Allan’s co-host and a newcomer to KGRAdb. But she is not a newcomer to the world of the paranormal. In some ways, she was born into it.

She is a dowser, a green witch, a mystic healer, and a certified Reiki master. But it all started at her grandmother’s knee, where she began to learn about herbs and their spiritual and medical healing values. This work continues today, expanding on the knowledge passed down to her by her predecessors.

Khristina has worked in paranormal investigation most of her adult life, using her background as a professional photographer to analyze ghostly photo images for paranormal groups like TAPS and many others.

Due to a stroke, Khristina lost her eyesight, which might hamper her paranormal investigations. But please think again. Khristina found what some might term “a work-around,” and in so doing, discovered some new advantages as a non-seeing person; what she calls her “Clair senses” kicked into overdrive! Her clairsentience ability (perceiving psychic energy imperceptible to the five senses) rapidly developed.

In addition to heightened perception, Khristina has a new partner named Apollo, who may be the first-ever service dog paranormal investigator. The two make a great team, and in addition to helping Khristina navigate recent locations, he also senses the presence of paranormal activity, alerting her and other team members.

Khristina is an example for us all as she says, “As odd as it may sound, I am grateful to Spirit for the loss of my sight because, with this loss, I gained true vision to see things unseen, to feel what was previously unfelt.”

Today, Khristina Bowen is one-third of the well-known group. The Soulstice Sisters, the founder of Rogue Raven Research, and, of course, has joined Scott Allan as co-host of the Paranormal Project, where she says she’s “ready to dive into fascinating topics in the paranormal world & spark some discussions. I can’t wait to connect with our audience.”

We are sure our audience will want to connect with Khristina and Scott on the Paranormal Project on Wednesdays at 7 PM ET on